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1. April 2017, 4:16

Cunyong <qucy09 [*]>


I am so appreciated of you for your wonderful work.
Dear Cunyong, thanks for your positive feedback. We are glad you find the database useful.

28. November 2016, 17:23

Massimo Vincini <massimo.vincini [*]>

Clorophyll Vegetation Index reference

Please correct the reference: the reference for the CVI is:
Vincini M., Frazzi, E. and D’Alessio, P. (2008). A broad-band leaf chlorophyll vegetation index at the canopy scale. Precision Agriculture, 9(5):303-319.
and not Hunt et al. as reported
Dear Massimo Vincini, we checked the reference and included it. Thanks for the hint.

21. September 2016, 12:41

Dainius <pastas4 [*]>

PROBA-V sensor

Hello, could you also include the PROBA-V sensor in the database? It is based on SPOT, but it has fewer bands. You can find the details about it in its user guide on the VITO website.
Thank you for your suggestion. The PROBA-V sensor is now included.

13. April 2016, 18:48

Lena <millenna.en [*]>

Values range for the indices?

Hello. Really nice database, very useful. The only thing that I would like to suggest is to add the values range for every index. It could be useful for validation everyone's results, since the information about some of the indices is not easy to find.
Thank you very much for your Feedback. The Suggestion to add the range values for the indices is a very good one. We are thinking of adding an additional field with this data in future. For now we do not have collected / calculated the range Information. If you have any specific value ranges, you would like us to add (of course with reference), please let us know.

16. February 2016, 5:53

richard murphy <richard.murphy [*]>


It would be really informative if you gave the reference for the index (i.e. the publication that first proposed it). Is this possible?
Also what dows the word 'automatic' mean in the 'calculated' column.
To your first question: There is a list of references available, we used till today:
If you click on one of the references you will get a list of which indices are described in the article and which sensors are used and also possible applications described. For example Ahamed et. al. 2011:
You find also below each index and each sensor a list of the references we used for that, see REIP1 and ASTER as an example.
If you would like us to add an article, an index, a sensor or an application, please let us know. Because this a main idea behind this project, to make research available to a wider community.
To your second question: For the sensor specific formulas, the wavelengths are substituted by the sensor's band names. In most cases, this is done automatically by matching the formula's wavelengths and the sensor's bands. But sometimes we found in the literature explicit suggestions which bands to use. Then we used the suggested formula and set the 'Calculated' property from 'Automatic' to 'Manual'.

5. June 2014, 9:53

Carmen Robles <carmenrobles [*]>

Landsat 8

A very wonderful work.
Just one request: when will be available the information about Landsat 8 and some index about it?
Thank you for remembering us. We just added Landsat 8 to the available satelites and calculated the formulas for Landsat 8.

12. October 2013, 18:10 <gasza_impiza [*]>

Show wrong formular

I got problem about wrong formula.
Maybe your code is not compatible with newly version of IE Chrome.
Pleases, give me some solution to fix it.
Thank you
Unfortunately Chrome dropped support for MathML (and IE never had it). There was a fallback to textual formula display for IE, but not for Chrome.
Now (2016) we added the browser independent MathJax javascript library to display the formulas.

21. August 2013, 17:41

Carsten <globeofpike [*]>

Formula Export

a very great job. I am amazed about this extensive work. The necessary and really appreciated step would be to integrate a possibility for formula export. Are there any outlooks you can give?

2. August 2013, 17:14

Gilles Plattner <gplattner [*]>

adding sensor spatial resolution information

a suggestion could be adding the spatial resolution information of the sensor just next of the wavelenght visualization.
Thanks for your great job anyway!
Thank your for your suggestion. If you go to the informationpage for each sensor, you will get a table under the wavelenght visualisation which contains all additional information, I found so far. And if available you will find the spatial information there too. See here an example for LandsatETM+
If you find any missing data, just let me know and we will add them.

18. June 2013, 1:54

Gedas Vaitkus <gedas.vaitkus [*]>

Compliance with grass7

Could yu please have a look at the GRASS GIS development version (7.0) new function called used for calculation of some vegetation indices. I am trying to automate the production of some biophysical parameters and made a short comparison of formulas. Some of their formulas differ from yours. Dould you provide feedback to GRASS GIS developers?
The reference manual of function is here:

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