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Hyperspectral remote sensing

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Basic information

Name Hyperspectral remote sensing
Specific Name


Nr. Name Formula Variables Comment
1 Hyperspectral perpendicular VI 1148nm - a · 807nm - b ( 1 + a2 ) 0.5 a=1.17, b=3.37


Nr. Name Spectral Range Bands
1 HyMap 429-2493.8 126
2 EnMap 420-2450 244
3 AVIRIS 355.15-2515 224
4 Orbview-4 450-2450 200
5 Hyperion 349.896-2582.28 242
6 VIIRS 412-13350 22
7 AISA 400-2506.7 498
8 HYDICE 400-2500 210
9 MIPAS 685-2410 5
10 SCIAMACHY 240-2380 15
11 CASI1500 380-1500 288
12 SASI600 950-2450 100
13 GLI 375-12500 36
14 GOSAT 700-13200 4
15 ARIES-1 400-2587 105
16 TIMS 0-12200 8


Nr. Author/Title Year Comment
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