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Author El-Shikha, D. M.; Barnes, E. M.; Clarke, T. R.; Hunsaker, D. J.; Haberland, J. A.; Pinter, P. J.; Waller, P. M.; Thompson, T. L.
Title Remote sensing of cotton nitrogen status using the Canopy Chlorophyll Content Index (CCCI)
Journal Transactions of the Asabe
Link <Go to ISI>://WOS:000255421800007
Date/Year Jan-Feb / 2008
Volume 51
Issue 1
Pages 73-82
Keywords canopy reflectance; fertility detection; radiometers; spectral analysis; water stress; reflectance indexes; spectral radiance; winter-wheat; corn leaves; grain-yield; water; stress; plants; light; field


Nr. Name General Formula Comment
1 Canopy Chlorophyll Content Index NIR - rededge NIR + rededge NIR - Red NIR + Red
2 Normalized Difference NIR/Red NIR - RED NIR + RED
3 Simple Ratio 800/670 800nm 670nm


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Nr. Name Comment
1 Agriculture
2 Vegetation
3 Vegetation - Chlorophyll
4 Vegetation - Nitrogen stress
5 Vegetation - Water stress

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