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Author le Maire, Guerric; François, Christophe; Soudani, Kamel; Berveiller, Daniel; Pontailler, Jean-Yves; Bréda, Nathalie; Genet, Hélène; Davi, Hendrik; Dufrêne, Eric
Title Calibration and validation of hyperspectral indices for the estimation of broadleaved forest leaf chlorophyll content, leaf mass per area, leaf area index and leaf canopy biomass
Journal Remote Sensing of Environment
DOI 10.1016/j.rse.2008.06.005
Link http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S003442570800196X
Date/Year 2008
Volume 112
Issue 10
Pages 3846-3864
Keywords Chlorophyll; LMA; SLA; Leaf biomass; EO1 Hyperion; ASD Fieldspec; LAI; PROSPECT; SAIL; PROSAIL


Nr. Name General Formula Comment
1 Difference 1725/970 1725nm - 970nm
2 new Double Difference Index 2 ( 710nm - 760nm - 760nm )
3 Normalized Difference 2260/1490 2260nm−1490nm 2260nm + 1490nm
4 Normalized Difference 819/1600 819nm - 1600nm 819nm + 1600nm
5 Normalized Difference 925/710 925nm−710nm 925nm + 710nm


Nr. Name Spectral Range Bands Calculated Comment
1 Hyperion 349.896-2582.28 242


Nr. Name Comment
1 Vegetation
2 Vegetation - Biomass
3 Vegetation - Chlorophyll
4 Vegetation - LAI

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