What is IDB?

The IDB is a tool for working with remote sensing indices. It provides a quick overview of which indices are usable for a specific sensor and a specific topic. There is no such tool available at the moment as far as we know, despite the necessity to have a more structured overview of current research results in the area of remote sensing indices.


Today, many different vegetation indices exist, but they have not been arranged together in one document, nor is it possible to select or query them interactively. We consider it valuable, to have a databased tool that can be used to query indices for criterias like sensors and applications.


The basic idea of the IDB is to allow the user to select a remote sensing sensor, an application etc. and to get an overview of all possible indices fitting the chosen selection. By selecting an index, all possible sensors are listed, and the best fitting bands were also automatically calculated. A detailed literature list, as well as the references are also displayed in the overview. In the future, the user will also be able to download data for a remote sensing-software like ERDAS-Model-Maker or ENVI-IDL and export the literature list or the formulas in different formats.

Further Development

And last but not least

If you find any mistake, would like to add new data, have any ideas for improvement or just want to give us some feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.