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Nr Name Abbrev. Formula Variables
1 Enhanced Vegetation Index EVI 2.5 NIR - RED ( NIR + 6 RED - 7.5 BLUE ) + 1
2 Enhanced Vegetation Index 2 -2 EVI2 2.5 NIR - RED NIR + 2.4 RED + 1
3 Enhanced Vegetation Index 2 EVI2 2.4 NIR - RED NIR + RED + 1


Nr. Name Spectrum [nm] Spat.Res. [m] Incl. Platform Operator
1 SEVIRI 560-14400 1000-3000 0 MSG (Meteosat Second Generation)


Nr. Author Title Year Journal Publisher/Loc. Keywords Comment
1 Ahamed, T.; Tian, L.; Zhang, Y.; Ting, K. C. A review of remote sensing methods for biomass feedstock production 2011 Biomass & Bioenergy Perennial energy crops; Site-specific management; Vegetative indices; Leaf area index; Satellite imagery; Remote sensing; tropical forest biomass; landsat tm data; unmanned aerial vehicle; leaf-area index; aboveground biomass; radar backscatter; vegetation; index; water-stress; biophysical properties; image segmentation
2 Bannari, A.; Morin, D.; Bonn, F.; Huete, A. R. A review of vegetation indices 1995 Remote Sensing Reviews Taylor & Francis
3 Chen, Jing M.; Cihlar, Josef Retrieving leaf area index of boreal conifer forests using Landsat TM images 1996 Remote Sensing of Environment
4 Dorigo, W. A.; Zurita-Milla, R.; de Wit, A. J. W.; Brazile, J.; Singh, R.; Schaepman, M. E. A review on reflective remote sensing and data assimilation techniques for enhanced agroecosystem modeling 2007 International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation data assimilation; agroecosystem modeling; vegetation indices; canopy; reflectance modeling; biophysical variables; biochemical variables; parallel processing; radiative-transfer models; leaf-area index; hyperspectral vegetation; indexes; hydrologic data assimilation; multiple linear-regression; canopy chlorophyll density; ensemble kalman filter; bidirectional; reflectance; soil-moisture; crop models
5 Duveiller, Grégory; Weiss, Marie; Baret, Frédéric; Defourny, Pierre Retrieving wheat Green Area Index during the growing season from optical time series measurements based on neural network radiative transfer inversion 2011 Remote Sensing of Environment Winter wheat; Leaf Area Index; Green Area Index; Radiative transfer inversion; Neural networks; Saturation; SPOT/HRV; SPOT/HRVIR; Time series
6 Glenn, Edward; Huete, Alfredo; Nagler, Pamela; Nelson, Stephen Review - Relationship Between Remotely-sensed Vegetation Indices, Canopy Attributes and Plant Physiological Processes: What Vegetation Indices Can and Cannot Tell Us About the Landscape 2008 Sensors
7 Goel, Narendra S.; Qin, Wenhan Influences of canopy architecture on relationships between various vegetation indices and LAI and Fpar: A computer simulation 1994 Remote Sensing Reviews Taylor & Francis
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9 Lee, W. S.; Alchanatis, V.; Yang, C.; Hirafuji, M.; Moshou, D.; Li, C. Sensing technologies for precision specialty crop production 2010 Computers and electronics in agriculture Specialty crop; Precision agriculture; Sensing; Review; on-the-go; infrared reflectance spectroscopy; soil-moisture content; airborne hyperspectral imagery; grain-sorghum yield; leaf-area index; quickbird satellite imagery; difference vegetation index; tree canopy; characteristics; compaction profile sensor
10 Peñuelas, Josep; Gamon, John A.; Griffin, Kevin L.; Field, Christopher B. Assessing community type, plant biomass, pigment composition, and photosynthetic efficiency of aquatic vegetation from spectral reflectance 1993 Remote Sensing of Environment
11 Rondeaux, Geneviève; Steven, Michael; Baret, Frédéric Optimization of soil-adjusted vegetation indices 1996 Remote Sensing of Environment
12 Zheng, Guang; Moskal, L. Monika Retrieving Leaf Area Index (LAI) Using Remote Sensing: Theories, Methods and Sensors 2009 Sensors LAI; Optical instruments; Radar