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Nr. Author/Title Year Comment
1 Baroni, F.; Boscagli, A.; Di Lella, L. A.; Protano, G.; Riccobono, F. - Arsenic in soil and vegetation of contaminated areas in southern Tuscany (Italy) 2004
2 Brunn, A.; Busch, W.; Dittmann, C.; Fischer, C.; Vosen, P. - Monitoring Mining Induced Plant Alteration and Change Detection in a German Coal Mining Area using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery 2003
3 Chevrel, Stephane; Belocky, Reinhard; Grösel, Klemens - Monitoring and Assessing the Environmental Impact of Mining in Europe Using Advanced Earth Observation Techniques - MINEO 2002
4 Cole, Monica M.; Smith, Roger F. - Vegetation as Indicator of Environmental Pollution 1984
5 Eyers, R. D. ; Mills, J. P. - Subsidence Detection Using Integrated Multi Temporal Airborne Imagery 2004
6 Eyers, R. D. ; Mills, J. P. ; Cutler, M. E. J. - The topographic and spectral expression of mining subsidence 2004
7 Fischer, Christian - Use of GIS and Multitemporal Imaging Spectrometer data for Modelling and Mapping Environmental Changes in Mining Areas 2002

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