Dang, Y. P.; Pr... - Identifying the spatial variab...

Basic information

Author Dang, Y. P.; Pringle, M. J.; Schmidt, M.; Dalal, R. C.; Apan, A.
Title Identifying the spatial variability of soil constraints using multi-year remote sensing
Journal Field Crops Research
DOI 10.1016/j.fcr.2011.05.021
Link <Go to ISI>://WOS:000293989100008
Date/Year Sep / 2011
Volume 123
Issue 3
Pages 248-258
Keywords Soil constraints; Crop yield; Precision agriculture; NDVI; Whole-farm; economics; crop yield; wheat yield; subsoil constraints; grain production; australia; vegetation; satellite; ndvi; management; salinity


Nr. Name General Formula Comment
1 Normalized Difference NIR/Red NIR - RED NIR + RED


Nr. Name Spectral Range Bands Calculated Comment
1 LandsatETM+ (Landsat7) 450-12500 8
2 LandsatTM (Landsat4,5) 450-12500 7


Nr. Name Comment
1 Agriculture
2 Soil
3 Vegetation

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