Gobron, N.; Pin... - Advanced vegetation indices op...

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Author Gobron, N.; Pinty, B.; Verstraete, M. M.; Widlowski, J. L.
Title Advanced vegetation indices optimized for up-coming sensors: Design, performance, and applications
Journal Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on
DOI 10.1109/36.885197
Date/Year 2000
Volume 38
Issue 6
Pages 2489-2505
Keywords geophysical techniques, remote sensing, vegetation mapping, FAPAR, GLI, IR, MERIS, SPOT, VEGETATION, advanced vegetation indices, formula, fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation, geophysical measurement technique, global imager, infrared, mathematical approach, medium resolution imaging spectrometer, optical method, vegetation index, visible


Nr. Name General Formula Comment
1 Green leaf index 2 GREEN - RED - BLUE 2 GREEN + RED + BLUE
2 Normalized Difference NIR/Red NIR - RED NIR + RED
3 Optimized vegetation normalized index


Nr. Name Spectral Range Bands Calculated Comment
1 AVHRR 580-12500 6
2 GLI 375-12500 36
3 MERIS 407.5-905 15


Nr. Name Comment
1 Vegetation
2 Vegetation - Chlorophyll
3 Vegetation - LAI
4 Vegetation - PAR

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